Fred Achom

Fred Achom

Investor and Owner at Rosemont Group
Luxury Goods Market

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Fred Achom Biography

Nigerian-born entrepreneur Fred Achom is the founder and chairman of the privately held Rosemont Group. The group is based in the British Virgin Islands and deals with property development, overseas consulting and luxury goods and services

Fred Achom is involved in several industries. He is a major shareholder and partner in the Bordeaux Wine Company, a London based company, which is one of UK’s leading fine wine investment companies. Another investment Fred Achom is involved in is the Crystal Members Club. This club was established thanks to the cooperation of Circle Management Group, an investment group from Lebanon, and soon after its inception, was launched in various locations around the world, such as Beijing, Los Angeles, Dubai and Lebanon.

In addition, Fred Achom’s global network of business connections, also encompassing Western Africa contacts, allows him to assist telecom companies boost their sales and senior level executive quality recruitment.

Other businesses Fred Achom in involved in are Universal Properties Ltd., Caseflight Ltd., Property Clinic Ltd., Night Management Holdings Ltd. and Hanover Bars Ltd. By next year his new Los Angeles restaurant will open with a star-studded Hollywood event.

Fred Achom at his core is a leader, motivator and team builder. His professional expertise lies mostly with branding. Fred Achom’s road to success was a less traveled one. As a student, a year and a half after enrolling in medical school in Nigeria he decided he wanted to pursue his business dreams and left to London. His professional career started with several positions as a financial sales consultant at companies based in the English capital.

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